Music is Devalued Nowadays – Let’s Bring the Value Back!

One of my very talented clients told me that the society doesn’t value music as a commodity anymore.

This thought strikes me hard, as it is the truth. People value food, lifestyle, luxuries and money much more than the subtle and elusive yet extremely powerful art of music.

It is a very sad battle – to fight so hard for something that the majority doesn’t even consider valuable!

However I think as music has been devalued for a few decades now, it is the very time for us, musicians, producers, engineers to strike back and show everyone what the real value of our precious art is!

I value music because it enhances the raw emotions, brings cathartic revelations, makes the listener connected, shivered, excited. I value music because at the end of the day it can break the useless consumer society cycle and force someone to open their ears and step on a path of inner development.

Music also makes the musicians who performed the record eternal, leaving massive legacy after their death. In fact, when I listen to certain artists I can feel them singing and playing right in front of me, no matter how long ago they passed away or what happened in their lives.

I urge all of us, musicians, to show everyone how hard we work to capture the depth of life into our creations.

I urge all of us to show that there are things infinitely more significant than the dull cycle of consumerism, and that is our art and our soul.

I urge all of us to fight our battle hard, and I know that collectively we can make an impact that will spread across people who have the ears to listen.