Get your ABSOLUTELY FREE Reaper Metal Drums Template that sounds PHAT

Unlock Amazing Reaper Metal Drums for Free with ML Sound Lab’s VST

Dr. Mike Trubetskov showcases a free mixed Reaper template for metal drums, provided by ML Sound Lab in 2024. The video demonstrates how users can improve their metal music production in Reaper DAW using free plugins, including a drag-and-drop drum VST that requires minimal tweaking. Trubetskov discusses the heavy processing applied to achieve modern metal drum sounds and performs tests with different MIDI to prove the template’s versatility across music genres. He encourages musicians to focus on their craft by offering this template to ease the production process. The video includes instructions for accessing the template and highlights its limitations, such as the basic cymbal set provided, with additional cymbals available for purchase.

00:00 Unlock Free Metal Drums in Reaper with ML Sound Lab!

00:17 Kublai Khan Drum Tone Example

01:30 Meet Dr. Mike: Your Guide to Metal Music Production

01:42 Diving Deep into the Reaper Template & Drum Processing

04:48 Exploring the Flexibility Across Genres

05:07 Lamb Of God Cover Example

05:44 Born Of Osiris Cover

06:30 Understanding the Limitations and Opportunities

07:20 The Philosophy Behind Creating Free Templates