Never Get a Good Metal Synth Mix?! I Got You! Mixing Metal Synths

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Dr. Mike Trubetskov shares expertise on effectively mixing metal synths, emphasizing the process of blending leads, pads, and impacts into metal productions. He draws parallels between treating synths and high-gain guitars, advocating for similar processing techniques, including saturation, EQ, and the use of special effects like reverb and delay to achieve a cohesive mix. The video covers processing synths to complement guitar parts, utilizing amp sims for a less digital sound, and techniques for enhancing pads and atmospheric elements. Furthermore, it addresses the importance of distortion for subs to cut through on various playback devices and finishes with recommendations on applying reverb for added depth. Trubetskov also mentions offering coaching sessions for personalized assistance and encourages subscribing for more metal production insights.

00:00 Introduction to Mixing Metal Synths
00:10 Synths Example
00:58 Mixing Metal Synths: The Concept
01:29 Meet Dr. Mike: Your Guide to Metal Production
02:05 Synths That Follow the Guitar: Techniques and Tips
05:38 Creating Atmospheric Elements with Pads and Delays
07:02 Mastering Impacts and Subs for Powerful Mixes
08:37 The Art of Applying Reverb to Synths
10:25 Concluding Thoughts and Takeaways