Are MIDI Guitars Superior to Real Guitarists? | AXURE MIDI Guitar Plugin Review

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In this video, Dr. Mike Trubetskov explores the potential of MIDI guitars to revolutionize modern music production. Comparing the AXURE MIDI Guitar Library to his own live guitar performance, Mike discusses the strengths and limitations of MIDI guitars. He delves into the features of the AXURE plugin, its ease of use, and what it offers in terms of sound customization. Mike also provides insights on how to achieve more human-like performances with MIDI and shares his final thoughts on whether MIDI guitars could replace traditional guitarists in professional productions. 00:00 Introduction: Are MIDI Guitars the Future? 00:33 MIDI vs Human – The Example 01:04 Later in the video… 02:12 AXURE Plugin Overview and Setup 03:07 Hands-On: Testing the AXURE Guitar 05:56 Humanizing MIDI Guitars: Tips and Tricks 07:08 Comparison: MIDI vs. Real Guitar 09:01 Final Thoughts and Conclusions