This happens again. You see a shining post of another band killing it, opening with international acts, releasing a fantastic video, celebrating a sold out gig with their fans.

As you’ve been quiet, working on your new release for quite a few months now and not making that much progress rapidly (isn’t it damn hard to make music promptly hey?), you inevitably start comparing yourself with that band.

These thoughts lead you to an inevitable spiral of self-doubt, negativity, insecurity and sometimes even envy.

The scarcity mindset becomes real. Music business is ruthless to us, creatives. So much pressure and so much stress brings weak thoughts to even the strongest of us. And we sometimes may think that the success of that other band is our own failure.

It is super important to understand that this is the main mistake in this line of thought. Just because someone released a successful EP absolutely doesn’t mean that your won’t be successful! Just because someone has played a huge gig absolutely doesn’t mean that their fans would turn your gig down. Conversely, this only means that the music scene is growing, the demand is increasing, and there actually will be place for your music in the scene!

The healthy way is to stop comparing yourself with the others and start comparing yourself with you in the past. Have you grown in the previous few months? Have you developed a new skill, wrote a new song, improved your performance or made progress on long-standing album in the works?

Your path as a creative is unique and must be different to anyone else – that is the definition of authenticity. Aim to be a better version of yourself every new day, and your progress will never stop coming.

Music is Devalued Nowadays – Let’s Bring the Value Back!

One of my very talented clients told me that the society doesn’t value music as a commodity anymore.

This thought strikes me hard, as it is the truth. People value food, lifestyle, luxuries and money much more than the subtle and elusive yet extremely powerful art of music.

It is a very sad battle – to fight so hard for something that the majority doesn’t even consider valuable!

However I think as music has been devalued for a few decades now, it is the very time for us, musicians, producers, engineers to strike back and show everyone what the real value of our precious art is!

I value music because it enhances the raw emotions, brings cathartic revelations, makes the listener connected, shivered, excited. I value music because at the end of the day it can break the useless consumer society cycle and force someone to open their ears and step on a path of inner development.

Music also makes the musicians who performed the record eternal, leaving massive legacy after their death. In fact, when I listen to certain artists I can feel them singing and playing right in front of me, no matter how long ago they passed away or what happened in their lives.

I urge all of us, musicians, to show everyone how hard we work to capture the depth of life into our creations.

I urge all of us to show that there are things infinitely more significant than the dull cycle of consumerism, and that is our art and our soul.

I urge all of us to fight our battle hard, and I know that collectively we can make an impact that will spread across people who have the ears to listen.

The Natural Usage of Drum Samples at EOL Studios

I’m glad that the “Sample War” is getting to its conclusion, similarly to how the Loudness War ended about a decade ago.

Sample-replaced drums are mostly outdated now, and the productions still done this way send us straight back to 2015.

Sterile sounding songs are not in trend anymore. I see more and more musicians requesting natural sound of their records, despite how heavy they want their sound, and I highly respect that.

Still, there is a lot of misunderstanding about using the samples. People tend to think about it on the extreme side of things – either full replacement with lifeless plastic sampled sound, or no sample usage at all.

I advocate for a different approach to using sampling and the modern sound production technologies in general.

Instead of going for the “trend”, we are going to help the source material to shine, whatever it requires.

For example, if the original recording of the kick drum is lacking the punch in the 100 Hz low end range, there is no harm to gently blend an appropriate sample to make the original recording fuller and bigger, dial in the missing part yet retain the original character.

Similarly, if the snare is lacking a piercing attack at 3 kHz, there is no harm in gently blending the transient sample in to get the attack back!

Moreover, one can colour the samples by using all the emulations of analog gear available at our fingertips. Console and tape saturation, analog-like EQs, etc. It’s our job to utilise these tools properly, with a careful consideration of the character of the song.

Our ultimate aim is to open up and enhance the original sonic character and the original message of the artist, with all the tools available.

We should never aim to throw this character away and replace it with generic, lifeless and characterless samples.

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Our Mission is Achieving Your Unique Sonic Vision

My mission in music is to help you achieve your unique vision. Over all these years I’ve been learning how to find sonic and musical approaches that emphasise one’s originality.

I learnt it the hard way, by testing tools and approaches that form my music palette on my own material. I failed numerous times, and it was crushing.

But then I simply got better at it. It was not an immediate transition, rather than a slow and long grind, and the only thing I can brag about here is that I simply did not give up.

I am keen to help you and your music by applying the experience that I’ve gained on my path. The only thing that I am absolutely certain in my future is that I will never stop growing this experience. This evolution is something that forms a core of my personality and hence my studio.