Get your ABSOLUTELY FREE Reaper Metal Drums Template that sounds PHAT

Unlock Amazing Reaper Metal Drums for Free with ML Sound Lab’s VST

Dr. Mike Trubetskov showcases a free mixed Reaper template for metal drums, provided by ML Sound Lab in 2024. The video demonstrates how users can improve their metal music production in Reaper DAW using free plugins, including a drag-and-drop drum VST that requires minimal tweaking. Trubetskov discusses the heavy processing applied to achieve modern metal drum sounds and performs tests with different MIDI to prove the template’s versatility across music genres. He encourages musicians to focus on their craft by offering this template to ease the production process. The video includes instructions for accessing the template and highlights its limitations, such as the basic cymbal set provided, with additional cymbals available for purchase.

00:00 Unlock Free Metal Drums in Reaper with ML Sound Lab!

00:17 Kublai Khan Drum Tone Example

01:30 Meet Dr. Mike: Your Guide to Metal Music Production

01:42 Diving Deep into the Reaper Template & Drum Processing

04:48 Exploring the Flexibility Across Genres

05:07 Lamb Of God Cover Example

05:44 Born Of Osiris Cover

06:30 Understanding the Limitations and Opportunities

07:20 The Philosophy Behind Creating Free Templates

Aggressive Tones & Analog Vibe: Mixing Metal with STL Tones ControlHub Tue Madsen Pack

▶  STL Tones ControlHub Expansions:

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Learn how the STL Tones ControlHub Tue Madsen Expansion pack can enhance your metal mixing workflow in this detailed video.

We cover the plugin’s layout, gain staging, musical compression, and tone-shaping capabilities ideal for metal (00:00). See it on vocals, drums, guitars, and buses for metal mixing and mastering (01:20).

Includes tips for dialing in aggressive tones, analog character, and vibe for your metal tracks (04:16). Discover techniques for individual tracks as well as mix bus processing (10:48).

If you record, mix, or master metal music, this walkthrough shows how Control Hub can speed up your workflow and deliver modern polished metal tones and energy (14:57).


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THEY DID IT AGAIN! Gamma Vocal Suite – For Fast and Great Metal Vocal Mixing

In this video, I am testing the Gamma Vocal Suite Plugin by Modern Metal Songwriter, which is suitable for Rock and Metal vocal mixing.

▶ The Overcoming Project Multitracks:…@modernmetalsongwriter Gamma Suite:… ▶ 🏔 I Help Heavy Bands Sculpt their Unique Sound. Listen to my work and get in touch: ▶ 📰 Weekly Email Newsletter on Valuable Metal Recording Techniques: ▶ 📸 EOL Studios Instagram – Learn More about my work:…

GGD P V – Free Reaper Mix Template to Improve Your Productions and Help You Save Time

▶ Get Your GGD Reaper Template Here:

I mixed GGD PV in Reaper by only using free plugins and it sounds sick!

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Creating Realistic Programmed MIDI Drums for Metal Songs – Programmed Drums Metal

Creating Realistic Programmed MIDI Drums for Metal Songs – Programmed Drums Metal

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Blending Metal Guitar Tone: Mastering Techniques for Crushing Sound

The Overcoming Project Multitracks – Free Download For Mixing Portfolio

In this ultimate guide to blending metal guitar tone, we dive deep into the art of creating a bone-crushing sound that will leave your audience in awe.

Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or just starting out, this video is packed with valuable insights and practical tips to help you achieve that killer metal tone you’ve always desired.

Discover the secrets behind blending different guitar tones to create a unique sonic landscape that cuts through the mix with precision and clarity. We break down the characteristics of various metal tones, explaining how to craft the perfect tone for thrash, death metal, djent, and more.

Learn how to assess your initial tone, create complementing tones, and glue these together for an ultimate massive result.

Whether you’re aiming for crushing heaviness or soaring melodic leads, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take your metal guitar tone to the next level. So grab your favorite axe, crank up the volume, and let’s dive into the world of blending metal guitar tones like a pro!

Young Ghosts – Relapse – UNOFFICIAL MIX [URM Multitracks]

Young Ghosts – Relapse – UNOFFICIAL MIX [URM Multitracks]

This track is used with permission by Young Ghosts and URM Academy. The original production and mix was done by Nick Pilotta. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual release.

Unlocking the Difference between Analog Mix Metal vs Digital Mix in Modern Metal

Thank you ChatGPT for the description!

In this informative and insightful video, metal producer Dr. Mike Trubetskov explores the key differences between analog and digital mixing in modern metal music production. Drawing on his years of experience in the industry, Dr. Trubetskov discusses the unique characteristics of each approach and the ways in which they can be used to achieve different sonic outcomes. Analog Mix Metal.

Through a series of engaging demonstrations and examples, Dr. Trubetskov highlights the benefits and drawbacks of both analog and digital mixing, as well as the creative possibilities that each method offers. He provides a comprehensive overview of the technical and aesthetic considerations that metal producers must take into account when mixing their tracks.

Whether you’re a seasoned metal producer looking to refine your mixing skills, or a curious music enthusiast interested in the nuts and bolts of modern metal production, this video is sure to provide valuable insights and practical tips that you can apply to your own creative endeavors. So join Dr. Mike Trubetskov as he unlocks the difference between analog and digital mixing in modern metal, and discover new ways to take your music to the next level.

Multitracks by Brian Hood, – Stand Alone Complex

Kalium Quake Bass Plugin VST Review – It Slaps! Metal Bass Plugin for 7, 8, 9 String Range

Kalium Quake Bass Plugin VST by CJ Alwine reaction and review – Extended 7, 8, and 9 string range Bass Guitar VST Plugin.

Why You Can’t Ignore Dolby Atmos Mixing and Binaural Anymore!

In this video, I discuss how the rapid expansion of Dolby Atmos overtakes the film and music industry. Do not miss out on Dolby Atmos as it will soon become a requirement for your music. Atmos is currently available in movie theaters, TVs, flatbars, cars and on headphones. We can only see what happens next with Dolby Atmos Mixing!

Blending Metal Guitar Amps – Avoid Thin Sound, Align Phase Properly when Mixing Metal Guitar

Avoid phase issues when blending multiple guitar amps. In response to  @metalprognosis 

In this video, I show how you can use Eventide Precision Time Align in order to blend multiple guitar amps, cabs, IRs or plugins and avoid phase cancellation.

Into The Vein – Everyone You Knew [Modern Metal, Metalcore] – Mixed by Dr. Mike Trubetskov at EOL Studios

One of my favourite projects for the year. Modern Metal / Metalcore band Into The Vein from Melbourne, Australia. Had the pleasure to record drums and vocals for this banger, and mix it. Drums recorded at Bushido Studios with Dan Presland, too, and mastered by almighty Lance Prenc.

Check it out!

If you are wondering who mixed Into The Vein, then look no further as that was me.

Unlock Epic Metalcore Drum Mixes in Seconds – Free Template for Reaper & Superior Drummer 3 Revealed. Reaper Metalcore Drums

Free Mix-Ready Template for Modern Metal and Metalcore Drums in Reaper with Superior Drummer 3. Reaper Metalcore Drums.

Download template here:

Use this template to make high-quality content faster!

Free plugins that you need to use the template:

Ignite Amps PTEq-x []

Valhalla Supermassive […]

Softube Saturation Knob […]

D16 Frontier Limiter []

Audio Damage Rough Rider 3 […]

Gclip []

MJUCR Klangheim […]

Brainworx Bx Subfilter […]

Learning Compression – Mixing Metalcore Drums, Modern Metal Drums with 1176, Fabfilter Pro-C2, Distressor

Many of you are struggling to understand compression when mixing metalcore drums, modern metal drums, and deathcore drums. And I am still learning and adjusting to the modern super-compressed landscape, too!

In this video, walk through the session with me where we mixed programmed modern metal drums and learn compression principles, why and how with 1176, Distressor, Fabfillter Pro-C2, Kush Audio. Serial and Parallel Compression explained, too.