Steven Falkingham

“This man Mike from EOL Studios has helped us shape a true masterpiece. The hard work that Mike put in really helped us grow not only as musicians, but as a band and are truly grateful for the full production he provided, from pre production to song arrangements and composing to production and editing to mixing and all the extra stuff in between. We thank you Mike, you truly are a doctor at this stuff.

Cannot wait to start the next album with you

Katana Cartel”

Amir Khan Temur

“EOL is very passionate place where your tracks turn in to a real music.

Very talented engineer, time efficient and very attentive to details. After a few revisions with EOL my tracks sounded brilliant and I can’t say good enough about it.

Many thanks from Tamerlan Empire”

James Cronovras

“Mike is amazing to work with and passionate about helping bands achieve their vision, while offering suggestions to take songs to the next level.

He is easily available to chat over the details and also has processes in place to make mixing via distance easy.

I can’t recommend him enough and will use him again and again as he fits nicely into an affordable budget.”

Brye Dominiecki

“Mike is amazingly talented and makes the mixing process easy and seamless. Being a bass player I had a vision of what sound I was looking for in the mix and he easily found the sound I wanted to achieve. I highly recommend him for your project and will definitely be back for some more mixing in the near future.”

Geordan Gullock

“Meticulous, passionate, dedicated, thorough, kind-hearted, personable – these are the terms myself and my band GEO would use to describe Mike’s work ethic and personality. If you are after attention to detail and a top quality product, get in contact with EOL Studios!”

Nicholas Di Lorenzo

“Mike is a detail oriented mixing engineer, with not only great technical aptitude but also good flair he imparts on every record he touches.”

Paul Bova

“If only they allowed 6-stars! Mike is a pro’s pro. Has the ear, takes the time, and really wants to satisfy. Great work and I am thrilled with the result.”

Efes Projekt

“Top-notch professional I feel honoured and privileged to work with!”

Ben Ward

“Mike is truly a credit to the audio industry with his insightful mixing skills, professional service and friendly manner. Very pleased here, would definitely recommend!”

Ben Millard

“Amazing work by Mike. Very easy to work with and would recommend him to anyone that wants their music to stand out.”