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Dr. Mike Trubetskov
Metal Producer, Mixing Engineer

Live Guitar Tone Settings Consultation For Metal Guitarist

Welcome to the Live Guitar Tone Settings Consultation with Dr. Mike Trubetskov!

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect live guitar tone? Do you spend hours tweaking your gear and still feel unsatisfied with the results? Look no further! Dr. Mike Trubetskov, an experienced guitar player and metal producer, is here to help you achieve the consistent and balanced live metal guitar tone.

With the Live Guitar Tone Consultation, you'll get one-on-one time with Dr. Mike to discuss your current setup, playing style, and desired sound. During the consultation, Dr. Mike will tweak your digital amp modeller in real time over Zoom with you, allowing you to achieve your own tone that cuts through any live mix.

Don't let a lackluster live guitar tone hold you back from playing your best. Sign up for the Live Guitar Tone Consultation with Dr. Mike Trubetskov today via the form below, and start unlocking your true potential as a live guitarist!

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