Why You NEED Nolly Drum Experience at Kohle Audio Kult! Recording Metal Drums

This video offers an in-depth overview of a unique course on recording metal drums created by Nolly, known for his work with Periphery, in collaboration with Khristian Kohle from Kohle Audio Kult. Aimed at those recording metal drums, the video highlights the importance of capturing a drum sound that connects the song tonally, without overly relying on sampled sounds. It covers Nolly’s approach to achieving a modern drum tone through specific recording and mixing techniques, without the need for sample replacement. The course, comprising a detailed four-hour tutorial divided into manageable segments, addresses various aspects of drum recording. These include drum heads selection, microphone placements, EQing, and processing, with a focus on retaining the kit’s unique sound. Dr. Mike Trubetskov shares insights into Nolly’s methodology, emphasizing the practical, detailed advice and the opportunity to apply these techniques in any recording setting. Additionally, the course provides access to raw multi-tracks for hands-on learning, ensuring viewers can replicate Nolly’s techniques with precision. The video encourages viewers interested in refining their metal drum recording skills to explore the course further, emphasizing its value in achieving polished, modern drum tones.

Staying Present when Recording Metal

Staying Present and Mindful when Recording Metal. It’s all about the mindset. The state of mind that you are in during the recording session in the studio or at home, dictates the end result. The way you feel translates into your guitar, bass, drums and vocal recording, and even mixes. Consider tuning your mind into your music and not losing the big picture, and the results will follow.