Create a Modern Metal Lo-Fi Guitar Effect to Make Your Transitions HUGE

This video, hosted by Dr. Mike Trubetskov, delves into the art of creating modern lo-fi guitar tones for metal music. It covers the transition from old-school lo-fi effects, illustrated with examples from Pink Floyd and Muse, to contemporary approaches that add depth and dynamics without overwhelming the mix. The tutorial addresses the technical aspects of achieving desirable lo-fi tones, including specific plugin and EQ settings, filter applications, and the balance between high and low pass filters to retain midrange focus. Techniques for incorporating saturation and distortion post-filter are also explored, alongside tips for automation to enhance build-ups without resorting to outdated methods. The overall aim is to equip viewers with the knowledge to experiment with lo-fi effects in their productions effectively.

Staying Present when Recording Metal

Staying Present and Mindful when Recording Metal. It’s all about the mindset. The state of mind that you are in during the recording session in the studio or at home, dictates the end result. The way you feel translates into your guitar, bass, drums and vocal recording, and even mixes. Consider tuning your mind into your music and not losing the big picture, and the results will follow.