I take pride to call EOL Studios my job. Built through blood, sweat, and tears.

I built this Heavy Metal Production Studio through blood, sweat, and tears – and way too much of each.

Emerging as a naive dream of 25-year old myself, with absolute zero financial foundation behind it. But my desperate desire to make Heavy Records the way I’ve been hearing them in my head throughout my life pushed from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’. And here I had the first basis of my studio, my first clients and my first records done. Still, without a clue on how to grow it and build it from ‘something’ to ‘everything’.

Blood, sweat, and tears. Coming back from my Doctorate studies at 5 PM, to get started in the studio. From 5:30 PM to 9:30-10 PM at night. Every business day, for 3 years.

Jumping into the studio full-time in 2018, with no way to remain in Australia and just desperately hoping that things would work out. Yet another round of 12-hour days, now in the studio and on the studio development side of things, thanks to The Six Figure Home Studio.

Going back to vicious routine, one last time as I promised myself, in 2019. 4 days a week at University lab to finish my immigration, the rest of the week is for the studio, in the name of heavy music, for my clients.

And ending up here, at the tail end of COVID, with ‘something’ turned to absolute ‘everything’ for me, and with future looking solid as I finally live the studio life I’ve been so desperately chasing for so many years.

I’ve paid a very high price for this, and now I take pride to call EOL Studios my job. At least, until I disappear from the face of this world, as a Doctor of Metal. And yes, EOL stands for Echoes Of Life – but that’s for another time and another story.

The mere single path – on the entire Earth.