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How I Treated My New Studio Room. Studio Acoustics and Frequency Analysis with Room Eq Wizard.
An overview of how I treated my new studio room, approaches and principles, and what to use. Acoustic treatment, speaker placement, sound absorption, resonances. Resources: https://ledgernote.com/columns/studio-recording/bass-traps/ http://noaudiophile.com/speakercalc/ http://arqen.com/acoustics-101/speaker-placement-boundary-interference/ https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/speaker-position-calculator-pull-em-away-from-the-wall.754118/ Tags: sound absorption coefficient, acoustically transparent, composite materials, room eq wizard, acoustic fields, frequency analysis, noise reduction coefficient, rockwool, sound solutions, absorb sound
One Skill That Prevents You From Getting Clean Recordings
Heavy Metal Musicians often struggle performing fast 16th note parts. This has nothing to do with their technique as it’s already up to the level. Contrarily, I show in this video that understanding the positioning of each note in the bar is the crucial step of performing it cleanly. This may help you immediately improve […]
How to Prepare for a Successful Studio Release – by Dr. Mike Trubetskov, Producer at EOL Studios
Studio preparation has to be taken as seriously as it possibly can be. You have a really short timeframe to get the best out of your music in the studio. You have to find the right people to develop trust and let them polish your tracks. You have to be prepared to work hard on […]
Secret Sonics Podcast With Ben Wallick – Mike Trubetskov. Pursuing A Vision In Heavy Music.
https://www.spreaker.com/user/benwallick/secret-sonics-062-mike-trubetskov Mike Trubetskov is a music producer, mixing engineer, guitarist, and artist and based out of Melbourne, Australia! Mike is the owner of EOL studios and focuses primarily on heavy music.
5 Things I wish I knew when I first started playing Guitar/Music – by Cam Bird, Guitar Instructor from Melbourne Australia.
5 Things I wish I knew when I first started playing Guitar/Music This is a bit of a tricky article to write because it means getting stuck into some frustrations or regrets in my 20+ year playing journey and looking at some of the mistakes or set backs that have happened along the way. The […]