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How To Make Programmed Drums Sound Natural
In this video, I explain the main ways to make your programmed drums sound natural and real. This tutorial is applicable to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and any drum plugins. Tags: Superior Drummer, BFD, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums, Programmed Drums, Logic Pro X, Mixing Drums, Pro Tools
This happens again. You see a shining post of another band killing it, opening with international acts, releasing a fantastic video, celebrating a sold out gig with their fans. As you’ve been quiet, working on your new release for quite a few months now and not making that much progress rapidly (isn’t it damn hard […]
How To Pick The Best Guitar Sound That Defines Your Style
In this video, I describe a method to gain a more objective perspective on guitar sound selection. I illustrate it by going through one of my sessions and showcasing 5 different guitar amp models. I then explain why and how I picked the most suitable one. //Song and material is by Russian band NST (Nol’ […]
Music is Devalued Nowadays – Let’s Bring the Value Back!
One of my very talented clients told me that the society doesn’t value music as a commodity anymore. This thought strikes me hard, as it is the truth. People value food, lifestyle, luxuries and money much more than the subtle and elusive yet extremely powerful art of music. It is a very sad battle – […]
Thought Separation In Music Production Process
In this video, I discuss the importance of creative and technical thought and process separation in music production process. I provide actionables that are aimed to help you achieve it.