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How To Pick The Best Guitar Sound That Defines Your Style
In this video, I describe a method to gain a more objective perspective on guitar sound selection. I illustrate it by going through one of my sessions and showcasing 5 different guitar amp models. I then explain why and how I picked the most suitable one. //Song and material is by Russian band NST (Nol’ […]
The “Less Is More” Approach for Your Home Recordings
In this video, I discuss how simplifying things in the recording process may really help your home Rock or Metal recording to sound better.
Thought Separation In Music Production Process
In this video, I discuss the importance of creative and technical thought and process separation in music production process. I provide actionables that are aimed to help you achieve it.
LIVE vs Multitrack Recording Approach
In this video, I discuss when is it appropriate to attempt to record your band live as opposed to instrument by instrument recordings, and what could determine this choice.
Never Stop Learning
In this video, I talk about how we as heavy musicians and audio professionals should never stop learning. I provide 10 different approaches to learning in the field of heavy music and hope you find these useful.