I can help you achieve the sound that represents your heavy band, because:

  • I am passionate about music and I have been classically trained on piano since the age of 5, as well as played guitar in bands since I was 15.
  • I recorded successful albums as a guitarist (Gift of Madness, The Overcoming Project), played shows in front of thousands of people , and
  • I can’t not make heavy records. I tried when I was doing my PhD, and this almost drove me insane. I now channel this energy with insane determination and grit to help you sculpt your records.
  • I bring the highest level of attention to detail to help you discover your sound.

  • I have been on your journey as a musician, and I can help you get to your goals.

    Engineering Drums at Bushido Studios

    Mixing Work at EOL Studios

    Recording Process at Bushido Studios