Mike has a unique skillset in the music industry. Having an academic Russian music school background and merging it with live and studio Rock and Metal guitar experience, Mike has developed a flexible, original and fresh approach for modern music.

As a PhD, Mike applies his skills to serve as your ultimate problem solver and music supervisor. This allows to relieve the stress from your shoulders and navigate music production process efficiently, allowing you to focus on the only important thing - your music.

Mike has collaborated with numerous recording and mastering studios around Melbourne, including Toyland Recording Studio, Rangemaster, Studio Truth, Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, Panorama Mixing and Mastering, Crystal Mastering. Regardless of the facility choice, Mike is able to translate your authentic ideas into the final sound with his distinctive, firm touch.

Mike is also keen to share his recording and music production expertise with you, please visit the blog section to learn more.

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The current credits include: Katana Cartel, Ironstone, Spare No Words, Edan H, Auld, Moodswyng, TI Monkeys, Zero Seconds Of Silence (NST), Blondmoss, All Is Violent, Tamerlan Empire, Flat-Liner, Sonic Moon, Hunt For Home, Skoria, Mazikeen, Claret Ash, Geo, Chris Gorsuch, Copperhead, FS Projekt, Stinking Hellebore, Gift Of Madness and many more at Spotify