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Helping Heavy Bands 😤 Sculpt Their Unique Sound ⚡️
Recording & Mixing 🎓

Attention Passionate Metal Musicians, Recording and Mixing Engineers 🚨

Ever tried opening the damn pit only to realise that nobody moves?? This disappointing feeling may also be familiar when your new song gets little attention barely hitting 100 streams 😖

Your blood, sweat and tears deserve to be heard. I want to help you break through the noise so your heavy music shines 💫

I'm offering demo analysis, tone and mixing feedback to metal musicians of all levels 📝

Get an unbiased assessment from a metal recording professional with over 10 years of experience. Oh, I have a PhD, too 🤓

I'll provide actionable and supportive feedback in the form of quick group video reviews or group interactive coaching sessions to take your song, tone or mix to the next level 🏫

If you aim to submit your metal tracks to heavy labels or get onto metal Spotify playlists, then this is your opportunity to stand out from other artists by doing your DIY work justice 🦾

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Here is one of the examples how I can help solve your live guitar tone challenges: