Happy Holidays 2021
Finishing this incredibly difficult year in style, and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities to work with so many of you killer musos 🤘
Despite all the hurdles, you guys have kept going no matter what, and I am truly blessed to be around and help realise your vision! 🎶
Many of our work had to be done completely remotely this year, and it’s incredible that you guys have kept up with the annoying Zoom processes, and stayed on top of it! ⚡️
Cheers to musicians, artists and bands who trusted me to work on their music, massive thanks goes to Adrian Coiro and The Emotional Construct, Auld, All Is Violent, Beast Impalor, Ben Ward , Blondmoss , Chris Cameron , Cleanzing The Wicked , David J. Van Pelt , Dorian Suhaj, Tom Lee Christen and Dreamworm , Edan H , Final Reformation, Joe Pigram and Grand Duke , Grant McKinnon, Chloe Rina and Harshmellow , Imago Phase , Jake Dewshurst , Joe Pope , Joel Anderson, Katana Cartel , Andrew Shiells and Mazikeen , New Million , Chariot arcana , Song Of Solace , Sergey Yakovlev , Chris Span, Simon Pope and The Archanan , In Shadows We Rise, Xavier Appiotti 🎸
Massive thanks to the incredible musicians who agreed to help me with my solo track Anxiety, and continue working on the new batch, Mike Heller , Efes Projekt , Jon Howard , you guys made this year for me 🙏
Huge thanks to my colleagues and engineers, Tony Jack Mantz at Deluxe Mastering , Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo at Panorama Mixing & Mastering , and Ben Wallick with his incredible podcast. You guys have always covered my back and delivered the absolute best out of our collaborations 💿
Enormous thanks to Chris Graham and The Six Figure Home Studio Community family, you guys know what’s this about 🔥
Massive thanks to Sasha Ischenko for marketing help, this was outstanding!
Extremely grateful to keep moving forward and keep helping artists around me despite the massive difficulties the world has thrown on us 💪
Let’s recharge and make 2021 an absolute blast!! 💥