Make Haunting Synth Patches for Modern Metal Synth like Spiritbox with Ease

My tutorial on how to recreate the atmospheric synthesizer sound used by the modern metal band Spiritbox in their music. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions using the free synthesizer Vital, as well as demonstrations of the settings and effects used to achieve the haunting synths. Metal Synth.

Download patches:

Avoid Spending a Fortune – Make a Quality Metal Recording at Home! DIY Metal Recording Home Studio Musician Worst Mistakes

If you are recording your band or your music at home 🎸🎙️, this video is for you! I look over the most common DIY metal recording home studio mistakes ❎ and ways to resolve these! ✅

How to Record and Layer Powerful Metal Vocals for THICK and TIGHT Sound – Recording Metal Vocals

How to Record and Layer Powerful Metal Vocals for THICK and TIGHT Sound. Learn Recording Metal Vocals Doubling, Layering and Vocal Processing with me and Jon Howard (Arkaea, Threat Signal, Imonolith) with The Overcoming Project
▶ The Overcoming Project Free Multitracks For Mixing:

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