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Sick of blending in?!

Let’s get this straight. Your songs need to stand out in your extremely saturated scene.

Because if you don’t, chances are:

  • you’ll be seen as forever "local band", playing shows to 10 people on a Sunday night
  • labels, managers, and other “gatekeepers” never take you seriously
  • listeners don’t even give your music a chance
  • So how do you make sure that your songs sound as unrelenting, crushing, and heavy AF as they sound in your head?

    I come in to help you resolve these challenges.

    Unrelenting, Crushing, and Heavy

    Hey, I am Dr. Mike Trubetskov, and my purpose in life is to help Rock and Metal bands carve their own unique sound.

    I walked my Metal Path to my own authenticity — from Doctorate in Biochemistry to running a cutting-edge Modern Rock and Metal Mixing and Recording Studio.

    This journey enabled me to help driven artists like you create extremely detailed, laser-focused heavy records and sculpt your unique sound.

    Ready to go from being unnoticed to start to turning heads and ATTRACTING attention?

    Show Reel
    Gnawing Hunger – Insidious
    Modern Metalcore Vibes — Mixing
    PAEON – Voice and Fire
    Proggy Rock Vibes — Mixing, Recording
    Deadweight 80 – Deadflowers
    Modern Metalcore Vibes — Mixing, Production, Recording
    Into The Vein – Wreckage
    Modern Metalcore Vibes — Mixing, Recording
    Terra Chroma – Al Uzza (ft. Nik Barker – Twelve Foot Ninja)
    Proggy Rock Vibes — Mixing, Production
    Claret Ash – Cascadence of the Twilight
    Black Metal Grim Vibes — Mixing
    Inpathos – Ascension
    Classic Metal Vibes — Mixing
    The Overcoming Project – Determination
    Classic Metal Vibes — Mixing, Production, Recording
    All Is Violent – Cartographers Of Human Purpose (Fragment)
    Proggy Rock Vibes — Editing, Mixing

    Case Studies

    Our Process

    Dr. Mike as a Metal Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer employs a holistic understanding of making impactful modern records.

    1 Pre-Production

    I enhance your melodies, guitar riffs and drum grooves to create tight and diverse Rock and Metal songs that fit the modern market. I emphasise the authenticity of your Rock and Metal recording — so your listener would never forget it.

    2 Recording, Editing, Reamping

    I lead you to tight Rock and Metal Recording by coaching your band members in the Recording Studio to help deliver their best performances.
    Guitar and Bass Amps: Custom Audio Amplifiers OD 100, Engl Blackmore, EVH 5150 III, Darkglass Alpha Omega 900.
    I record drums at Bushido Studios, Rangemaster.

    3 Producer

    I develop a custom approach to discovering your unique sound for recording Rock and Metal Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, or Vocals. As a Producer, I meticulously ensure that the chosen sounds match to your unique vision for the song.

    4 Mixing and Mastering

    I utilise a hybrid modern mixing approach as a Rock & Metal Mixing Engineer to get the most heavy-hitting, unique and colourful Mixing and Mastering for your Rock and Metal tracks.

    Our Clients Say

    Dan Hendrex (Gladiolus)
    Songwriting, Arrangement, Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing
    “Doctor Mike has done an absolutely amazing job at mixing our debut single. He has an insanely good ear for what constitutes a well-put-together mix, and <…> he manages to really grab onto the strengths of the track and further accentuate them.”
    Amir Khan Temur (Tamerlan Empire)
    Editing, Post-Production, Mixing

    EOL is very passionate place where your tracks turn in to a real music.

    Very talented engineer, time efficient and very attentive to details. After a few revisions with EOL my tracks sounded brilliant and I can’t say good enough about it.

    Many thanks from Tamerlan Empire

    Amir Khan Temur

    James Cronovras (Claret Ash)
    Mixing, Other

    “Mike is amazing to work with and passionate about helping bands achieve their vision, while offering suggestions to take songs to the next level.”

    Brye Dominiecki (All Is Violent)
    Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing

    “Mike is amazingly talented and makes the mixing process easy and seamless. Being a bass player I had a vision of what sound I was looking for in the mix and he easily found the sound I wanted to achieve <…>”

    Geordan Gullock (GEO)
    Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing

    “Meticulous, passionate, dedicated, thorough, kind-hearted, personable – <…> Mike’s work ethic and personality. If you are after attention to detail and a top quality product, get in contact with EOL Studios!”

    Nicholas Di Lorenzo (Panorama Mastering)

    “Mike is a detail oriented mixing engineer, with not only great technical aptitude but also good flair he imparts on every record he touches.”

    Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo – Panorama Mastering

    Paul Bova (Moodswyng)
    Songwriting, Arrangement, Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing,

    “If only they allowed 6-stars! Mike is a pro’s pro. Has the ear, takes the time, and really wants to satisfy. Great work and I am thrilled with the result.”

    Efes Projekt (FS Projekt, Session Bassist)
    Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing,

    “Top-notch professional I feel honoured and privileged to work with!”

    Ben Ward (Ben Ward)
    Production, Mixing

    “Mike is truly a credit to the audio industry with his insightful mixing skills, professional service and friendly manner”

    Ben Millard (The Lazarus Theory, The Old Black Dog)
    Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing

    “Amazing work by Mike. Very easy to work with and would recommend him to anyone that wants their music to stand out.”

    Sil Woods (Hunt For Home)
    Production, Mixing

    “EOL Studios provides a professional and attentive approach to any musical work you present them <…> Passionate, dedicated, easy to work with, and an amazing end result! What more could you want?! ✨🔥🎶”

    Thom De Serville (Stinking Hellebore)
    Songwriting, Arrangement, Production, Editing, Post-Production, Mixing,

    “Mike T goes above and beyond – far, far, far beyond and above. Way past any expectations over and over again surpassing energy feats that even Tesla would have had problems surmounting to. His ability to patiently understand and work with me on my vision, find multiple solutions to my complexity, come up with creative ideas when I have been empty and enforce huge motivation when I have been dejected radiate a determined, focussed and contagious energy that permeates the soul. Thank you for your brilliance. Rock AND Roll! Yes, Yes and YES! :)”

    Nick Roberts (Psionic Tide)

    “I am absolutely blown away. You can’t imagine how grateful I am for the hard work and dedication you have put into this project. So much of your touch has really accentuated and made greater that which I thought was pretty good already.”

    Lindsay Kearns (Primrose Path)

    “Phenomenal engineer. Brought to life our band’s post-progressive music with more than skill and expertise but also soul and energy in his edits/mix/mastering.
    Generous with his time, a keen listener and liberal in offering helpful advice more broadly. “

    Michal Slimak (Sliimak)
    Production, Mixing

    “Mike from EOL is so good at what he does its scary! <…> Mike <…> exceeded my expectations”

    Christopher Paul Cameron (Christopher Paul Cameron)

    “<…> Dr Mike <…> had a deep desire to catch the vision of what I was after and the skills to execute it. He was professional, prompt and as always had fantastic communication. Such a pleasure to work with”

    Mitchell J. Banks (As Aeons Amass)

    “Doctor Mike <…> has an amazing ability to both stay true to the original vision of a song and also see the potential for improvements.”

    Simon Christie (The Archanan)
    Editing, Post-Production, Recording, Mixing

    ”Mike is fantastic to work with, great knowledge, genuinely seeks to listen and understand the scope of the music you’re trying to capture.”

    Joel Petry (Outer Worlds)

    “Mike’s expertise <…> is truly exceptional. He not only possesses a deep understanding of the nuances of sound but also excels in effectively communicating and educating. Mike’s passion for music and dedication to his clients were evident; <…> he’s a true artist in the world of sound.”

    Somnious Morteous (Voidfall)

    “Mike went above and beyond our every request <…> Nothing was out of his spectrum of abilities and it was never a drama to make any and all of our visions come to fruition.

    His professionalism, attention to detail and calm persona made working with him a pleasant and fun experience.”

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